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Medical telephone consultations or telemedicine with a doctor  practicing in Switzerland.


Installing our App is required for a telemedicine consultation.

Call, chat, receive your documents online (prescription, medical certificate, etc …)

Decision & Diagnostic

The doctor is able to make decisions based on the description of your symptoms. He will be able to establish a medical prescription, a work stoppage’s certificate or recommend to a colleague better able to take charge of your medical problem.


  • Medical certificate
  • Medical work stoppage
  • Medical prescription
  • Recommendation
  • 2nd medical opinion

Enjoy your holiday, take care of you around the world!

You are free to travel around the world and call us in case of need.
You do not have to bother yourself on holiday searching for a doctor and translator on-site,
because our doctors can do it remotely.

In addition, doctors are paid by your health insurance as a standard consultation ,
without additional costs since you are insured in Switzerland.
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Thanks to the almost generalized access of the population to the Internet and to connections which have become fluid, « e-health » devices represent a new way of treating. In addition to the fact that it is very supervised and requires strong guarantees of quality and safety of acts (in the same way as the practice of traditional medicine), telemedicine has the advantage of dematerialization and thus makes it possible to overcome distances, reducing geographic barriers and allowing simplified and wider access to healthcare.

With the possibility of having a medical consultation online, of being followed remotely, this is the opportunity for patients who have mobility difficulties to have more regular and therefore better quality follow-up.

However, it should not be thought that telemedicine aims to replace traditional medicine and the visit to the doctor’s office: in many cases a clinical examination is essential. Telemedicine is complementary to the usual follow-up of the patient in the office, it will intervene ahead, to orient the patient and direct him towards the health professional most able to manage his pathology. It can thus make it possible to better manage the care pathway and optimize health spending.

Telemedicine now connects doctors and their patients. This new medical practice responds to an evolution in the relationships between them, already largely modified by the Internet which had popularized many health topics and given patients the feeling of being « experts ».

Faced with these more informed people, sometimes full of erroneous certainties, it was essential for the medical profession to have new ways of interacting with patients and to fully play their role as professionals, at a time when questions arise in the course of people’s lives.


Our company is specialized in connecting patients with doctors to get a phone or video consultation (at the doctor’s request).

We offer doctors to provide phone consultations that will be billed by the doctors to the patients according to the Tarmed.

Our telephone line does not store any personal information from the patient, it only handles the incoming call from the patients and connects them to the doctor connected to our platform,
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Of course we ensure total confidentiality regarding the registration of doctors to our platform since their names do not appear on our information media.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail at


Patients are increasingly consulting pharmacists for advice from a health care professional.

This is feasible in the majority of cases. However, some cases require a medical consultation and it is at this time that the service is available to pharmacists.

This allows optimal and qualitative care, so that the patient does not have to travel, the pharmacist can explain the problem in « medical » terms to the doctor who takes the call and then receive the prescription directly by fax or e-mail.

This time saving and ease of consultation are a plus for the pharmacist since he can manage everything. guarantees priority access to pharmacists from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 without interruption. This service can be done thanks to a dedicated telephone line.

To do so, you just have to register for free on our platform.

More information by e-mail at

Health insurance company


We are currently working to develop a partnership with health insurance companies.

More information will follow.



If you are a company interested in promoting occupational and preventive medicine, do not hesitate to contact us as we can put you in touch with the doctors in our network.

Furthermore, in case of illness of one of your employees you can call us for a phone-consultation.

If you wish, we can also give you priority access from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 without interruption. This service can be done through a dedicated telephone line.

To do so, all you have to do is register free of charge on our platform.

For more information, please send an e-mail to


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On this page we will soon be giving out important information about health items.


You have ideas of collaboration or wish to set up a collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at


Medical consultations by phone or via webcam are reimbursed by health insurance (Lamal) as soon as they are paid for by doctors based in Switzerland.

To do this, simply call the AlloDocteur phone number. A doctor answers the phone for the telephone consultation. If he deems it necessary, he will ask to transfer the call by webcam.

We are a telephone service provider that connects patients with doctors. The cost of consultations is billed by the doctor directly to your health insurance through Tarmed. The value of the tarmed point may vary depending on the canton in which the doctor taking your call practises.

The consultation is normally reimbursed by your health insurance. Please contact your health insurance to find out the reimbursement terms as it depends on the mode of health insurance you have chosen.


Terms and conditions

People who use the services of the AlloDocteur platform declare that they accept the following general conditions. In case of disagreement, please do not use the AlloDocteur platform.

Description of Platform Services

The platform allows a user with health insurance in Switzerland to call our telephone number for a medical consultation with a doctor based in Switzerland. The phone call goes to a doctor. The platform is not a medical emergency service but a telephone medical consultation service. In case of a medical emergency, the user must contact his attending physician, the doctor on duty in his region, the hospital or by telephone number 144. The user acknowledges that AlloDocteur does not assume any responsibility in the event that the user makes a medical consultation while he is in an emergency situation rather than calling an emergency service such as his attending physician, the doctor on call in his region, the or telephone number 144

Access to the Platform

The use of the platform can only be made in accordance with Swiss laws and any other law that may apply. Any illegal or inappropriate use is excluded.

You agree not to do the following:

  • Use the platform in place of another person
  • Use the platform to compete with
  • Use the platform illegally or inappropriately which could harm
  • Help or facilitate a third person to do any of the above

Operation of the Platform

The platform is a telephone server connecting a user to a doctor.

Use of the Platform


Everyone must be of full age, independent and have the ability to discern to telephone AlloDocteur. The platform does not have access to the user’s personal details. The telephone server only records usage data in the form of files which provide information on the user’s telephone number, date of call, time of call, duration of call and the phone number of the doctor to whom the call was diverted. This data will only be used internally and / or in the event of a complaint. AlloDocteur reserves the right, on request of a judicial authority or a third party, to communicate any information in its possession. The user undertakes not to make racist, xenophobic, offensive, defamatory, slanderous remarks, so as to harm the honor or reputation of third parties, racist, xenophobic, obscene, hateful, violent, offensive or contrary to morality. The user will be held solely and solely responsible, in civil, administrative and criminal terms for the comments made.

Doctors :

All of the doctors responding to telephone consultations on the platform are doctors with a specialty of internal medicine, general or practitioner authorized to practice and invoice chargeable to Lamal in Switzerland.

Price and payment

The platform costs a local call rate depending on the operator with which you telephone, please inquite your operator for this information. This amount will be billed by your operator directly. AlloDocteur disclaims all responsibility for invoices issued by the operator used, disputed or not, and payment by users. The billing for the medical telephone consultation is established by the doctor directly and sent to you or to your health insurance. The payment period is noted on the invoice and may vary depending on the call time, the duration of the telephone consultation and the services. AlloDocteur disclaims all responsibility for invoices issued by the doctor, disputed or not, and payment by users.

Private Life

By using the platform, you consent to the doctors of the platform collecting, processing and using your personal and medical data as well as certain information concerning you. The use of this information will be used by the doctor in the context of his treatment, your medical file and to keep track of the treatment of your consultation for legal reasons of their own.

Exclusion of Liability

AlloDocteur is a telephone platform connecting a user to a doctor. The platform is not a medical emergency service but a telephone consultation service. In the event of a medical emergency, the user must contact his general practitioner, the doctor on call in his region, the hospital or by telephone number 144. AlloDocteur declines any direct or indirect responsibility. The user must be able to discern during the medical consultation and must take the name of the doctor who performs the consultation. The doctor is responsible for the medical consultation. AlloDocteur declines any direct or indirect responsibility. AlloDocteur declines all responsibility for any technical faults, disturbance or breakdown of the telephone network and / or the Internet network, network overload. The liability of AlloDocteur (including in the event of negligence) for damages consecutive or not linked to access to the platform or its use or the impossibility of accessing and / or using them is excluded. AlloDocteur declines any direct or indirect responsibility. In any case, AlloDocteur cannot be held responsible for direct, indirect or consecutive damages resulting from the medical consultation.

Links to other Websites

AlloDocteur has no influence on the information via external links leading to other websites and therefore accepts no responsibility for third party websites

Data Security

AlloDocteur has taken measures to prevent any accidental or intentional manipulation of its website. AlloDocteur draws attention to the fact that all unencrypted data on the internet and / or by phone is not secure. AlloDocteur declines any direct or indirect responsibility

Social Media integrates various social media plugins on its Internet pages. These are brands not belonging to The use of social media plugins is at your own risk. AlloDocteur declines any direct or indirect responsibility

Final Provisions

If any contractual provisions (including these general conditions) prove to be invalid or invalid, the other provisions remain in force. In this case, the null or invalid provisions must be replaced by valid provisions having effects legally as close as possible to the invalid provisions. All information and data, their use, registration of pages, all actions, tolerances or omissions in connection with these pages are subject to Swiss law, any possibility of conflicts of laws being excluded. In the event of disputes, the forum is exclusively in Montreux, Switzerland. AlloDocteur reserves the right to make changes and / or additions to these general conditions at any time and without prior notice directly through its website.

Montreux, March 2020